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Headlight Restoration

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by:Mean Green

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In the following article, i'm going to describe the easiest and cheapest way to make your 1990+ Chevy or GMC composite headlight lenses look like it did when it was rolled out of the GM doors.

Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5

Required tools: KIT Scratch out (or similar), clean soft cotton rag (old cotton T-shirt will work also), masking tape (optional).

Length of time required: 15 - 20 Minutes.

Step 1.) Start out by going to your local auto supply store, Walmart, etc. Wherever waxes, and polishes and whatnot are sold. Buy a product called "Scratch Out" it is made by KIT. It should run in the $5 - $7 dollar range.

scratch out

Step 2.) Start by just washing off any debris such as bugs, salt, etc. To get a nice clean surface to start with. And make sure that the lens gets completely dry before continuing to step 3.

Composite Headlights

Step 3.) (OPTIONAL) Using masking tape (Blue, green, white, whatever your preferance is) Mask off the grille around your headlight, if you don't want any product on the grille.

Step 4.) Shake the bottle of "Scratch Out" really well, and apply about a half dollar sized amount to the soft cotton rag you are using. Using medium pressure, rub it on the headlight lens in circular motions. NOTE: do NOT apply to much pressure when doing this, as it can damage the lens if it gets to hot.

Step 5.) After rubbing the compound on, let it dry to a haze like you would a normal polish. After it gets a nice haze to it, continue to step 6.

Cleaning the headlights

Step 6.) After the compound has dried, take another clean soft cotton rag and buff the compound off. You can use a fair amount of pressure, just take caution not to get the lens to hot.

Step 7.) Your done! Er halfway done anyhow! You now should have a nice, super smooth, new looking headlight lens like this!:

Cleaned headlight

Step 8.) Repeat steps 2-7 on the other headlight lens, and repeat if necessary.

Note: You can also use the above described methods for your parking light lenses, corner light lenses, and tail light lenses.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!!

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