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RB1 1.5 DIN install in a GMT400

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by: 98BlackSS

Dec. 6, 2011

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I have forever been on the quest to come up with a more modern satellite and navigation radio for the GM 1.5 Din radios. There plenty of aftermarket options that at the end of the day are, well after market. I ran across the Chrysler RB1 a while back. It is a Din and a half just like the GM radios. Some quick measurements indicated it would fit if I could figure out how to mount it. The electronics part is pretty straight forward and similar to any other aftermarket scenario. The only long pole in the tent as far as electronics will be the speed sensor for the satellite. GM uses a 4K pulse signal directly from the transmission speed sensor. Chrysler uses something similar but runs it through the BCM first. I will have to do some investigations on that, but in the mean time here are my install pics of an RB1 in a GMT400.

RB1 in place with the dash trim. I only had to make one modification to the GMT400 and that was to make the stock dash trim opening wider on each end. The RB1 has radiused corners where the stock dash trim had tight corners. The dash trim fit over the stock radio where as in this setup the RB1 fits through the dash trim.

RB1 in place in stock dash housing

RB1 in place left and right views

Stock location no mods

Stock Delco base plate from the old radio being used as the mounting platform for the RB1

The only modification to the RB1. I had to cut out the plastic between the two mounting holes so that the mount clips on the delco base place could stick through and still remain functional. You would need these to remove the radio down the road.

Extra base plate and stock radio

RB1 Radio; AI model, the last model produced. Versions run AA through AI

Everything is installed and operational. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Sound is just as good or better than any aftermarket HU, and best of all the display is large enough to see and buttons are big enough that you do not hit two at the same time! This unit is made by Alpine for Chrysler.

The RB1 was mainly a dealer add on aftermarket solution from 2002-2004. In 2004 it could be ordered as factory option
Caravan (2002-2007)
Concorde (2002-2004)
Dakota (2002-2004)
Durango (2002-2003)
Intrepid (2002-2004; model year 2000 also confirmed)
Liberty (2002-2007)
Neon (2002-2006; 2000 SE and 2001-2002 R/T confirmed)
PT Cruiser (2002-2006)
Ram pick-up (2002-2006)
Sebring convertible (2002-2006)
Sebring sedan (2002-2006)
Stratus sedan (2002-2006)
300M (2002-2004)
Town & Country (2002-2007)
Viper (2002-2009)
Wrangler (2003-2006, requires special bracket)

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