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Fram Racing HP4

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Purchase Price - $9.95

Purchased From -


Total Inlet Opening Area (sq mm) - 409.19


Anti-drainback Valve - Nitrile/steel 2 piece

End Cap Construction - Cardboard

Filter Seam Construction - Steel band crimped

Filtering Media Material - Cellulose

Filter Media Surface Area (sq mm) - 261,855.7

Filter Media Volume (mm cubed) - 128,309.3

Notes - 2 piece anti-drainback valve, 1/2 steel 1/2 nitrile, bypass valve on leaf spring is fairly sophisticated with a screen strainer around it, pleats are irregular and small, the filter itself is one of the largest ones being tested as far as surface area, but thin resulting in a lower than expected filter volume.

bypass valve

30µm filtering test image:

30um filtering test


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