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Pronto PO4011

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Purchase Price - $1.78

Purchased From - Rockauto


Total Inlet Opening Area (sq mm) - 210.64


Anti-drainback Valve - Nitrile

End Cap Construction - Steel

Filter Seam Construction - Steel band crimped

Filtering Media Material - Cellulose

Filter Media Surface Area (sq mm) - 103,611.6

Filter Media Volume (mm cubed) - 52,841.9

Notes - *this filter is not for the same application as the rest, Rockauto mis-catagorized it for 2wd, but it is for the 4wd, media surface and measurements are not simmilar to 2wd models, filtering efficiency will be the only comparable data on this filter brand*, Made in Korea

30µm filtering test image:

30um filtering test

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