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Installing Rear 6x9 Speakers

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by: HellKnightHicks

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So I’ve been to several audio shops in the past asking about getting 6x9’s in the rear of my obs.

Na you cant do it…. I wouldn’t do it and it’ll cost ya with no guarantees.

As with anything if you want it done right you might as well do it yourself unless you got people you can trust and are good at what they do.

What you’ll need.

-Sharpie of preferred color. Red/Blue or Black work best on the Grey
-Dermal with cutting wheel or your preferred plastic cutting bit. Or Dye Grinder.
-The template ring from your new 6x9’s you wish to install in your extended cab.
-(Optional) but preferred a shop vac to suck out your shavings.

As usual you want to just unhook the battery because even though the speaker wires will be fine with the radio off, the dome and 3rd brake light power wires are run up through the same general area on the drivers side.

So what I did first was take the template ring and figure out exactly where I wanted the speakers to sit.

Its very difficult to get a flush mount because the plastic is curved back there. So be knowledgeable of that when you take your sharpie and mark your line.

Vacuum notes…. .
If you like to keep from making a mess like I do remove your cubby hole underneath of the cigarette tray and shove your shop vac’s thingy up in there and point It towards where the speaker is.

Start cutting the plastic… take your time don’t try to rush it……

Plastic cutout

Once your threw the plastic your gonna wanna take the 2 bottom screws out of the speaker that’s back there…..

Man that thing looks like a peaca crap don’t it……

old speaker

I didn’t want to pull the panel off to get to the upper bolts in the speaker; so once the bottom screws were out I put my screw driver under the speaker and pried the top bolts loose…. the threads are very fine and the come right out with not hassle. Since were at the point of no return any way it shouldn’t matter. Unless however you wish to reuse these crappy speaker because it will break the leads going into the speaker and likely rip the paper of the cone. Also you may have ruined them any way because most of us don’t use the factory head unit.

Now that the plastic is outa the way your gonna have to cut the metal out too because that 6x9 aint gonna fit in that little whole thats behind there.



Its pretty deep about 2 1/2 inches behind the metal and 3 1/2 up to the plastic. If thats not enough space you'll have to fab up a spacer.


Get your wires all hooked up and make sure to check your polarity.

You may want to refer to a schematic for your truck for polarity or the colors of the wires.

Theirs purple and green and something else.





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